Ply calculation

  • ply calculation with fiber/matrix micromechanics
  • all major micromechanics models (rule of mixtures, cylinder model, ...)
  • calculation results: engineering constants, thermal and hygroscopic expansion coefficients

Laminate properties calculation

  • laminate calculation with Classical Laminate Theory (CLT)
  • plies can be isotropic or anisotropic materials
  • calculation results for the whole laminate: thickness, density, stiffness and compliance matrices, in-plane and flexural Young's modulus, shear modulus, Poisson's ratio, Lekhnitskii's coefficients, thermal and hygroscopic expansion coefficients, through-thickness moduli and expansion coefficients, out-of-plane shear stiffness and compliance matrix
  • calculation results for each ply in the laminate (in ply directions or laminate directions): transformation matrices, stiffness and compliance matrices, reduced stiffness and compliance matrices
  • Laminate load response calculation
  • external mechanical load definition by forces and moments per unit length, normalized flexural and in-plane stresses or midplane strain and curvatures
  • internal hygroscopic and thermal loads
  • possibility to define a constant and a variable load
  • calculation results for bottom, middle, top of each ply in the laminate (in ply directions or laminate directions): equivalent thermal and hygroscopic forces and moments, actual strains and stresses, hygroscopic and thermal strains and stresses, free hygroscopic and thermal strains, residual hygroscopic and thermal strains and stresses, equivalent strains

Laminate failure calculation

  • all major standard failure criteria: maximum stress, maximum strain, simple Puck, modified Puck, Tsai-Hill, Tsai-Wu, Hoffman, Hashin
  • new detailed Puck's action plane failure criterion with prediction of the failure mode (tensile and compressive fiber fracture, tensile, shear and compressive inter fiber fracture) and the fracture plane angle for inter fiber fracture with warning against catastrophic wedge effects
  • calculation of the reserve factor and effort for first ply failure for the constant load, variable load and total load
  • calculation of the failure process (progressive failures after first ply failure until last ply failure) according to Tsai or Puck with failed ply degradation and calculation of the degraded laminate

Graph engine

  • any X-Y or polar graph including ply properties versus ply angle, carpet plots, ply-by-ply stress and strain diagram
  • failure process diagram

Material database

  • full feature database with the following tables: plies, laminates, stacking sequences, loads
  • data stored: physical and engineering parameters

User interface

  • supports all units including metric and English units
  • units and display format can be chosen for value groups or each value individually
  • efficient and easy spreadsheet style use
  • very simple menu, window and dialog structure
  • customize, save and restore all edit, display and desktop settings