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Demo and tutorial downloads

Here you can watch or download short videos which show you the different features of CADWIND.

Introduction to CADWIND filament winding software
Advantages of CADWIND's non-geodesic winding filament winding software
How CADWIND works with your machine filament winding software
How CADWIND works with your machine controller filament winding software
Winding patterns explained filament winding software
Filament winding of an elbow filament winding software

Less recent videos download:

Description size link
Introductiona short overview of CADWIND 41.9 MB download
Winding of a pipemandrel model creation, material parameter, helical winding, non-geodesic winding with friction modeling, different winding angles in different sections, display of the laminate thickness with color scale, dynamics of the machine movement 10.6 MB download
Pressure vessel with layer linkinghoop/circumferential layer, helical layer, transition between the layers, functionality of the animation 7.3 MB download
Winding of an elbowEnglish/metric units, mandrel model generation, non-linear winding with friction modeling, gaps and overlap, degree of covering, winding angle and laminate thickness at the inside and the outside of the elbow, color scale, non-linear machine movement, machine simulation 36.4 MB download
How CADWIND works with your machinemachine configuration, controller format 12.9 MB download
Winding of a T fittingmandrel model generation, different sections of the T, winding parameter, machine simulation 77.1 MB download